The Patriots Win the Super Bowl!!!

So, I am a Patriots fan. I have been for a long time. I chose the Patriots as my team because when My Loving Man and I got married we’d watch football every weekend during the season, and I got bored pretty quickly. It didn’t interest me. But I wanted to spend time with My Loving Man, and I wanted to like what he liked. So I decided that I needed to choose a football team that was my own, not his football team, but one that I could like and follow, track the players, etc. So in 2001 (we married in ’96) I chose the Patriots because they were the underdogs that year, and I had a thing for underdogs. That ended up being Tom Brady’s first year as starting quarterback, and they made it to the Super Bowl and they won. Fast forward to February 5, 2017, and he broke many records last night with their win over the Atlanta Falcons! It was an amazing game, and I was so excited to watch it!

I did my nails on Friday evening because I had a busy day on Saturday. But I knew that I needed to support my team, because there was a lot of opposition to them making it to the Super Bowl. I used Nine Zero Lacquer [patriot] (glitter-no longer available), Lollipop Posse Lacquer [i want my scars to show] (red-no longer available), and [you are the gull, strong and wild] (blue-an upcoming release). It’s a simple mani, but I really like how it turned out.

{image credit The Patriots’ Instagram account}

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