The New OG by Lynderella | Indie Polish Review

**this product is a press sample and was sent to me to swatch and give my honest review**

Hey there guys and gals. Today I have some more gorgeous Lynderella polishes to share with you. This collection, called New OG, consists of 6 polishes with varying finishes and will be launching tomorrow, October 5th. They will be available in all of the Lynderella shops (they’ll be listed at the bottom of this post), and they will be $16 each.

So, let’s get to the pictures already! 😛

[eye candy] $16; a gorgeous blue micro glitter. I used two coats and top coat for my swatch. These micro glitters have such dimension! I really love this one! And you know me and blues.

[vamper tantrum] $16; another micro glitter. This one up close is black and red, but when you pull back, it has a vampy, deep, maroon shade to it. So gorgeous! I used two coats and top coat for my swatch.

[new O.G.] $16; this one is a glitter topper with various black and white glitters in it as well as a gorgeous violet shimmer. I used this over [fleshed out]. This is a fun topper! I love the little bat glitters! They’re so cute!

[fleshed out] $16; a gorgeous shimmery, champagne nude full of holographic sparkle! My favorite kind of nude polish! <makes googly eyes like crazy at this one> I used two coats and top coat for my swatch.

[red ahead] $16; a luscious red sparkle with red round glitters. I used two coats and top coat for my swatch. A great shade for a Halloween mani!

[you name it!] $16; a super fun glitter topper full of various shapes, colors, and sizes of glitters. I used it over [eye candy] for my swatch. So fun!

Next up, I have a fun Limited Edition glitter topper to show you. This beauty will be $20, and it comes with a little packet of loose glitter that you can use for glitter placement, or whatever else you want.

[ghosted] $20; another fun glitter topper with holographic sparkle and various colors and shapes of glitters in it. I used it over [vamper tantrum] for my swatch.

What do you think about this beautiful collection and limited edition glitter polish? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Once again, these will be launching tomorrow, October 5th, in all of the Lynderella shops (links will be posted below). The collection polishes will be $16 each, and the limited edition [ghosted], with its glitter packet, will be $20.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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