[brands that i’ve worked with]

This page is constantly updating, and is where you can see the various polish and beauty brands that I have worked with. Some of these were a one-time arrangement, and there are some that I work with on a more permanent basis. Some are product reviews with photography, and some are just looking for product photography only. (brands in bold are ones that I am currently working with)

Anchor & Heart Lacquer
Black Dahlia Lacquer
Bliss Polish
Dashing Housewife Polish
Duh Nail Polish
EA Polish
Envy Lacquer
Frenzy Polish
Jior Couture
Lila Polish
Loaded Lacquer
Lollipop Posse Lacquer
Londontown, USA
Love, Angeline
Midwest Lacquer
Molly’s Muse Polish
Nail Hoot Polish
Native War Paints
Nine Zero Lacquer
Nvr Enuff Lacquer
Parallax Polish
Pink Hibiscus Beauty
Polish My Life
Proper Polish
Savvy Naturalista
Sindie Pop Cosmetics
Smokey Mountain Lacquer
Stached Polish
Sweet & Sour Lacquer
Top Shelf Lacquer
Tux Polish

(The brands that don’t have a link are brands that have since gone out of business.)